The Art of Plagiarism…(Blog)

A talent with a small voice…

I believe that we are all given at least one talent in life and it took me until I was nearly 50 to find mine. I say 50, it was probably a lot earlier in life but some reason I overlooked this as I had always felt that there was a wire loose some between my brain and my left hand. I often knew what I wanted to painted in my mind but unfortunately it never translated onto paper or perhaps in my case canvas! This would probably explain my route into becoming a graphic designer and having the ‘Apple Mac’ at my disposal to be able to express my creativity.

Being a graphic designer for nearly 30 years has allowed me to develop a large quantity of graphic work for both printed and online marketing material for a wide range of businesses and organisations. The work I created had to speak for itself as there was often no salesperson available to promote company’s or organisation’s products and/or services.

As a consequence, even though I have posted on ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ some of my early work (which is also featured on this website) and receiving numerous messages from friends and acquaintances to say how “talented” I am, it has still had an impact on my ability to speak and sell my paintings confidently and for the right price. Hence, at present I feel as though I am a talented artist with a small voice…

11.48am: 23rd May 2017.

Why is this blog called ‘The Art of plagiarism’? In the beginning…

For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time and haven’t read further ‘About the Artist’ please continue to read. For those who have and want to avoid repetition please scamper onto a paragraph below that is of interest.

Drawing and painting has been in my life since my earliest memories of winning a ‘colouring in’ competition run by Kellogg’s cereal aged about 5 or 6. I say ‘winning’ in a very loose way as I received a porcelain miniature painted Hippo as a prize. Thousands of other children probably also won similar prizes at the time from the company mentioned.

Moving on to my teenage years. I was fortunate to be able to do Art at school, and with the encouragement my grandmother (on my mother’s side) who spoilt me rotten with art materials and supplies,  I passed my ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels at a reasonable grade. During this time I recall my father commenting on one of my drawings/paintings of dog (pure coincidence with the work shown on this website) that I was “a good plagiarist”. At the time I didn’t know what it meant and knowing my father it was probably a back-handed compliment.

3.58am: 15th March 2017.